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the artist

Audrey Henderson Marshall
Audrey Henderson Marshall

Artist's statement

The painting is the output of the artist and the input of the viewer–a shared experience.

I feel we have the duty = obligation to deal in essentials, or at least to render our conception of the essential as well as we are able. This implies ethical standards rather than aesthetic… considering that we derive our best stimuli from sense impressions.

— Oskar Schlemmer, October 1942
[In An Art of Our Own by Roger Lipsey. Shambhala, 1988]

About Audrey

Audrey was born in Newcastle in 1938. She died in England in 2010.

In her own words, written in 2007:

Awarded a Leverhulme Scholarship for three years at the age of eleven I was then accepted into The Opera House and one year later to The Royal Ballet.

After retiring from The Royal Ballet I went to London University to do a B. Ed Bachelor of Education gaining a 1st class honours degree in Painting, Education, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology. Then to Goldsmiths College to complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Art and Design.

I was part of The Embroiders Guild 62 Group at Hampton Court.

I set up my own studio in London were I created my large Ikats and continued my painting and collage work.

The recent work is watercolour, both figurative and non-figurative. They have a sense humour – I try to keep them fresh and light but do not let this lightness or humour deceive you. The subjects are serious, dealing with different levels of life, colour and form, open to the viewer.

My aim is for the works to remain in the memory of the viewer as moments of light and that every time you see them they give a sense of joy and pleasure with a real sense of hope and light–which is not so common these days.